Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

47 Ronin

Carl Erik Rinsch to Direct 47 Ronin

I can think of so many problems with this idea I don't even know where to start. JK. I know exactly where to start - at the board meeting where Ridley Scott said, you know what? Let's cast a white guy as a samurai in the Japanese civil war. That's a good idea right? What about Keanu Reeves? He has real slanty eyes right? No one will know the difference right?

This is in fact the most offensive slight to Japanese culture Hollywood has dished up since the genius casting director of Memoirs of a Geisha cast a Chinese actress as a fucking Japanese Geisha.

Ridley Scott. I love Blade Runner. But come on. I mean come awwwwn.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Comic

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This is a shitty drawing of me pretending to be Shinji. Next week I will be a zombie. Maybe when I get some sleep I'll draw another Velasquez.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Principles Thus Far

I've been examining my life in a rather arduous attempt to figure out a strategy with which to direct my energies. A by product of this evaluation has been a list of principles. It's very short because I think a principle is something that an individual should adhere to without ever threatening the integrity of another principle - and yet should not necessarily have to conform to anyone elses' ideas.

There is an index card above my humble wood-composite Ikea desk. Thus far it has three brief scribbles written hastily on it - the latter of which I added before writing the superfluous paragraph above.

The index card reads -

-Synchronize Data
-Nothing is Private

I'll try to elucidate as well as I can. Quality is the first and most sound thing I can come up with. It's a simple philosophy housed in a single utterance. I think it can be applied to any facet of a persons life - be it career, relationships, friendships, investments. One should never approach a thing without the intention of achieving the highest possible quality. At the time I meant it to be applicable to my career. But it has evolved.

Synchronize Data?

Still trying to figure out what the fuck this means. It made perfect sense after a particularly lucid dream I had one morning this last month. My guess is, it's a roundabout way of saying "do your research, get all your ducks in a row." And yet there's a cryptic quality to it that I can't fathom. More on this one when I figure it out.

Nothing is Private. Perhaps not the best possible phrase to describe an ideal principle. Perhaps it's to idiosyncratic to my own experience (and yet that's what this list is all about) for me to able to explain well - but I can start by asserting that I've always been what I would consider to be a private person. I almost feel like I want to paraphrase Corinthians here - suffice it say that I was private as a child and as a man I have gradually come to understand the subtle and all encompassing nature that we mean when we say "six degrees of separation."

This one is of particular concern to the oft taciturn gent as myself, and yet in an epiphany I've come to understand that if we consider this basic principle as an inevitability we can come to understand and evaluate the actions we make in terms of how deeply they can effect the world. Inadvertently.

Some other thoughts vying for a position on the list include:
-Always be on time
-Never expect to be rewarded
-Always look good

-Bob Officer
**long Monday night shift

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Comic

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Buy My "Art"

I'm selling this weeks original. Best offer. Do it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Your Film Is Going To Suck

"Our next picture is inspired by the work of John Carpenter / 1970’s style, 35mm grainy film with excellent, realistic performances and original story-lines. We would like to bring horror back to its gritty cinematic roots."

Original story-lines I won't contend - but the suggestion that John Carpenter can be associated with realistic performances makes me want to punch your face.

And just so you know guy, $1000 won't cover the cost of developing 10 minutes of 35mm film. Good luck.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Los Oficiales

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